Monday, 21 March 2011

Call for Contributions for Issue 2, Vol 4

Is strife the fount of creativity?

If creativity is a consequence of chaos, then is not the terrible, all that horrifies, unnerves and destabilises, the undeniable inspiration for much of art? To us much of literature reflects as much, the written word carrying more often than not the stamp of more than one subliminal source of inspirational horror. Horror too does not necessarily have to be the obvious, hair-raising prototype of the Gothic and murder thrillers: from the horror of rejection in love to the horror of the terrible loss of hair, horror is varied in ways which would make it redundant to attempt a canonisation…

an independent, unbiased and subscription based student venture
amateur research in Literature in English,
original and annotated academic papers
semi-formal academic articles and commentaries
from students of
English Literature, Literature in English, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
for its Issue 2, Volume 4
on the theme
Tales Terrible: Then, Now and Beyond.

A few pointers would be:
a) “Pity the tale of me!” : Misery and Mistress
b) And then there was night: Tales of Terror from the Fundamentalist Fringe
c) Uncle Sam is watching you: The Omniscient Superpower
d) Those Revolutionary (Wo)Men with their Killing Machines: Mobocracy in times of Change
e) Detecting Crime: Defusing Terror through Detection
f) No creature so vile as man: Class paranoia in Neoclassicism
g) “…robot may not harm humanity”: Fear and the Future
h) Man and man: Negotiating Homophobia

Contributions should not exceed a maximum of 2,500 words; papers should be annotated in the MLA style. Last date for submission is 20th April, 2011. Do mail to for more details.

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